Begin your journey in women’s group health with The Wild Collective and experience greatness. Start with your body, then spirit and graduate to the mind with Forever Wild. The Wild Collective is a progressive 3 phase program, designed to elevate you to your highest and best self.


Empowered knowledge about your feminine power from a health perspective during a 10 session curriculum increases awareness and allows you to closely connect to your inner voice and intuition.

Integrate our physiology with the call of our Divine Feminine spirit; this journey prompts a process of tapping into the innate wisdom and learning to harness the wild power that is inherent to us all.

Moving through the energy systems in the body to connect to your deepest core. Experiencing the journey to your highest, most conscious self through connecting to your thoughts and bonds with your sisters.

Additional programs designed for a specific time in your life journey where you can connect and learn from your community and feel empowered to move through this time with power, grace and knowledge.


A 6 week program where you will learn about the feminine power that has always been with you. Have real conversations about motherhood and how you can feel confident in this new journey.

Empowered teen

This program creates clarity for teens in understanding hormone regulation, discover their menstrual power, the environmental impact on health & wellbeing, intuitive eating & mindfulness practice, mental health & communication.  We provide a safe container to explore and discuss the changes occurring while feeling totally normal, celebrated & deeply connected.


These programs were created for clinicians in mind. For clinicians who are ready to go the extra step and make things happen!


A Mastermind without the hustle and grind, The WCC Fellowship is a year long immersive program that helps you build confidence, clarity, community and connection—both for yourself and your business. This program is ideal for practitioners in their first 1-3 years of practice who are looking to grow and scale their business with community and group medicine.


"I have learned so much with the curriculum. I have enjoyed connecting with the ladies once a month—especially now when I don’t see many people. I have found The Wild Collective inspiring."

- Wild Sister

"I knew we were energetic beings but I never fully understood how much. And being surrounded by like-minded women is so powerful."

- Wild Sister

"Learning more about my body and sharing the space with other women, has also really helped me to accept who I am. It is helping me to be true to myself."

- Wild Sister